Joining Forces: Combined Forces Bring Innovative Change to the Funeral Business

Two local funeral home owners merge to better serve the Hastings area.

Hastings, MN—June 28th, 2018—Two local funeral home owners in Hastings, MN, Jesse and Katie Starkson of Caturia, Smidt & Starkson Funeral Home & Crematory, and Michael and Mary Wise of Wise Family Funeral & Cremation Services, are pleased to announce that they have decided to merge their businesses to better serve the Hastings area.

This history-changing opportunity will bring longevity, continued dedication, and expanded professional funeral service to Hastings. The Starkson and Wise families, along with their respective staff members, are passionate about providing care to families in need. With this partnership, they are thrilled to provide community reception space, an onsite crematory, affordable funeral options, preplanning education, aftercare programming, and best of all, a focus on personalized service.

Although the Starkson’s will hold the assets of both funeral homes, the Wise’s will be an integral part of operations in the collaborative environment being formed. Both businesses have expansion projects underway, however, the scope of work on those projects will be changed in ways that benefit this joint effort. The plan is for both organizations to come together under one roof at the new building currently being built at 3075 Vermillion Street in Hastings, in December of 2018.

Michael and Mary Wise bring many years of combined experience to the team, which adds to the longstanding reputation of service provided by Caturia, Smidt & Starkson Funeral Home & Crematory. With the number of funeral directors decreasing in the profession nationwide, this fills an immediate need for an expanded staff of funeral professionals and creates a beneficial impact on how families are cared for in the future. “We are delighted for Michael and Mary to join forces with us” said owner and funeral director, Jesse Starkson, “We look forward to how this addition will allow us to better serve the Hastings area.” Starkson also noted, “Timing couldn’t be better to become one team in the new facility.”

Michael Wise stated that “The opportunity just makes sense. Instead of worrying about how to compete against each other, we are worrying about how to best serve and minister to the families in need during their most difficult times.” Both families are passionate about developing programming to support loved ones before, during, and long after a death occurs. Joining forces allows all team members from both existing organizations to come together and work from a place of strength by implementing the best practices and creating nurturing relationships to make a difference for those they serve.

The community will begin to see the two organizations merge over the next few months. The future use of the both facilities is yet to be determined. All existing family records and any preneed arrangement files will remain in the care of the respective facilities until the physical move in December. 

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