Frequently Asked Questions

We have had some questions regarding the upcoming merger of Wise Family Funeral Home and Caturia, Smidt & Starkson Funeral Home, so we’re going to take the opportunity to answer them in preparation for what is next.  Great things are on the horizon as families will continue to be well-served in a time of need in the Hastings community.

Question 1:  Did you “have” to sell?
Answer: No.  We never had to sell, in fact, we wanted to put competition aside and serve families.  The move to merge with the team at Caturia, Smidt & Starkson was one we couldn’t pass up.  We get to bring the great things we were doing and blend them with the great things they were doing.  Sounds like a dynamic duo to us!

Question 2:  What happens to the file I started at Wise Family Funeral Home and/or my pre-paid burial plan?
Answer:  These files and policies are the property of the owner, YOU!  We will be combining files upon our move to the new facility in December of 2018.  Until then, should you need to review a file, just contact us and we can go over everything with you.  When it comes to Pre-paid Burial Policies, you will receive a letter shortly after the merger stating that the record will be transferred over to the Caturia, Smidt & Starkson Funeral Home.  This is just a formality and to let you know that a record is being updated and transferred to the new location. Again, if you have any questions, please call us at 651-437-3752.  We are happy to answer them.

Question 3: What happens if I purchased a pre-paid burial policy with Wise Family Funeral Home?
Answer:  We have been blessed by ownership on both sides that sees the importance of keeping their word and serving the families with honesty and integrity.  Both owners have agreed that all pre-need files arranged prior to the merger will be honored. This will continue to uphold the strong values and reputation of both parties for years to come and doing the right thing.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the Wise Family Funeral Home office at 651-437-3752.

Question 4: Now that there will only be one funeral home in town, how is the consumer protected from it being a “monopoly”? 
Answer:  In all honesty, while there may be only one funeral home and we would all like to think that we are the only option, we aren’t.  What we do know is that funerals are a big decision that comes often at inopportune times.  Serving families and doing the right thing are important to us.  We are committed to never compromise service for our customers and offer services at a competitive and fair price.  Each relationship matters to us.  It is not just business when you are serving people in a tight-knit community like Hastings.  We see our customers at kid’s events, family functions, volunteer opportunities, the grocery store, at church, at the park, at the gas station …in the community.  We want to stand behind our decisions and we know the team at Caturia, Smidt & Starkson will do that as well.  With the funeral industry changing and with a pool of less funeral directors than ever before coming out of school, it is important to stay competitive with our pricing to continue to attract great talent that can support the efforts of our team.

Questions 5: What happens to the team at Wise Family Funeral Home?
Answer:  Family sticks together!  We are excited that the members of our team including Michael & Mary Wise, Sarah Wise-Schweiger and Melissa Stevens are all making the move to join the gang at Caturia, Smidt & Starkson.  While we all work to support each other and gain knowledge about the best practices of each business, we are in this together.  Our team has flourished, and we can’t wait to make a difference with an even bigger team as we join forces.

Question 6:  What will happen to the current Wise Family Funeral Home?
Answer:  We are not sure yet!  The current buildings for each funeral home will both be used until the new location on Vermillion Street is open in December 2018.  Michael and Mary have sold the building to Jesse & Katie Starkson.  Our current location has not only been a home for the business, it has also been the residence of the Wise Family for almost 2 decades!  Michael and Mary will be moving to an off-site home here in Hastings as their new residence in mid-August.